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Air Cargo is the best and affordable for light and minimalistic item of yours. Choose us and stay relaxed.


Shipping Charges gladly takes care of all your important documents and parcel shipment and offers you the best services.


With the help of Shipping Charges, you can get the best express baggage delivery services. We specialize in shipping excess baggage or luggage through our courier services.


Commercial shipment needs can rise any moment. And if you are a small business looking for an affordable shipment service, then the best commercial shipment service that you can find is Shipping Charges.

The best International Shipping Company In India

shippingcharge.in we are a global dispatch organization that offers top caliber and savvy worldwide courier and freight service to a wide range of international areas. Our company is based in Delhi India, and we are renowned in the industry for our excellent track record of success in delivering packages on time and damage free, as well with respect to the high level of client care that we give. We have fabricated associations with notable, renowned and reputed courier companies.

Our Advantages

Years Of Industry Experience

We do have years of experience in shipping parcels internationally. Hence we have created a special bond with our customers.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

For the safety of your parcel there is a real need for insurance. If client asks for it we provide them with the full security and insurance of their package.

Affordable & Reliable

Shipping Charges provide the best shipping service in India, with an affordable and reasonable price.

24/7 Tracking System

As your parcel gets dispatched we provide our clients with the tracking ID to maintain transparency as well to give assurance to client that their parcel is being delivered safe.


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