Shipping Charges To USA From Delhi:

Shipping Charges To USA From DelhiIn any case, if you are looking for relocating or want to ship something to USA from Delhi? Definitely, there is no need to worry about the Shipping charges to USA from Delhi. Consequently, Shipping Charges provide services and affordable shipping charges to any place in USA. However, we understand your needs when you want to ship the USA Household, Excess Baggage, Food Item, Medicine, Parcel By Air & Shipping Services to USA From Delhi

Surprisingly, our expert workers care for your emotions, Hence, deliver the parcel on time and at an affordable price. Therefore, all you need to get to know is about the Shipping charges to USA from Delhi. Immediately, ask your courier shipping company for the quotation from Delhi To USA shipping charges.

What People Send to USA By Shipping Services From Delhi:

Thus, services which we provide to our customers are listed below however, not the least:

  • Excess Baggage
  • Household Stuff
  • Suitcase
  • Garments
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Show Pcs
  • Food Stuff
  • Branded & Non Branded
  • Brochures
  • Decorative Items
  • Furniture
  • Spare Parts

Medicine we send all type of Products to The USA From Delhi. Yet as per the USA FDA rules.

Relocation Shipping Charges To USA From Delhi

Shipping Charges To USA From DelhiSince, relocating is not an easy task to do yourself. Therefore, to make you feel relaxed and make your shifting process smooth. However, we have a group of experts who can help you in your shifting process. Furthermore, do not worry about the Shipping Charges to USA. Since, we provide you with free packaging service and affordable shipping charges to USA From Delhi. What else do you need?

Additionally, all you need to ask for the quotation for Delhi to USA shipping charges and then book your day to start packing your household items in advance. In spit of it will be an effortless task for you as well as our expert shipment packager. Our aim is to make gain our clients’ trust and make them comfortable that their belongings are safe with us while shipping charges to USA.

To USA From Delhi By Air-Shipping  Charges
Weight Slabs - KgsShipping Charges Approx Transit Time
Up To 300kgs Rs. 45000.00 INR45 To 60 Days
Up to 500KgsRs. 65000.00 INR45 To 60 Days
Up to 1000KgsRs. 95000.00 INR45 To 60 Days
Up to 1500 KgsRs. 125000.00 INR45 To 60 Days
Up to 2000KgsRs. 150000.00 INR45 To 60 Days
Weight Slabs - KgsAir Cargo ChargesApprox Transit Time
Up to 1KgsRs. 2100.007-14 Days
Up to 2KgsRs. 2850.007-14 Days
Up to 3KgsRs. 3800.00 7-14 Days
Up to 4KgsRs. 4500.007-14 Days
Up to 5KgsRs. 5200.007-14 Days
Up to 6KgsRs. 5700.00 7-14 Days
Up to 7KgsRs. 6500.007-14 Days
Up to 8KgsRs. 6900.00 7-14 Days
Up to 9KgsRs. 7400.007-14 Days
Up to 10KgsRs. 7999.007-14 Days
Above 11Kgs Per KgsRs. 700.00 Per Kg7-14 Days
Above 21Kgs Per KgsRs. 650.00 Per Kg7-14 Days
Above 50Kgs Per KgsRs. 550.00 Per kg7-14 Days
Above 100Kgs Per KgsRs. 500.00 Per Kg7-14 Days
Above 300Kgs Per KgsRs. 490.00 Per Kg7-14 Days
Above 500Kgs Per KgsRs. 480.00 Per Kg7-14 Days
Services AvailableAir Cargo ServicesShipping Services
Door DeliveryYesUp to Sea Port
Free Pickup YesYes
Online TrackingYesYes
Free PackagingYesNo
Free InsuranceYesYes

Important Note:

  • Firstly, price do not include Duty Charges at Destination (If any Imposed on the shipment then Receiver is liable to Pay).
  • Secondaly, chargeable Weight is the Actual Weight or the Volumetric Weight whichever is higher.
  • Thirdly, same Day Connection subject to complete paperwork.
  • Although we have free pickup service from all over India. Pickup & Re-delivery charges will apply if the shipment is cancelled after pickup is done.
  • Lastly, due to limited space at our Warehouse we request you to make the payment within 48 hrs of receiving payment invoice for your shipment. As after 48 hrs Storage Fees shall be charged as per company policy.

Significant Information:

Ø  Amount as per the weight will be determined after the package is picked up from location by our team.

Ø  If you have multiple boxes each item will be calculated with actual or dimensional weight whichever is higher.

Ø  Delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, flight connection delayed etc we will not be responsible.

Ø  Consignments must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling.

Ø  All fragile goods will travel on sender risk only company / carrier will not take any responsibility for breakage.

Duty & Tax Information For Shipping Charges to USA From Delhi

Ø  Moreover, duty may be payable by the recipient and if this causes your item(s) to be returned, you may be liable for the return charges.

Ø  Similarly, If the destination customs call for any Broker to be arranged to complete the customs clearance at destination, then Consignee/Receiver has to arrange it and bear the cost involved. as an aggregator and Carrier take no part and are not responsible for the same.

Ø  Shipments sent across borders are bound to see customs procedures. The customs authority of the destination country holds full rights to scrutinize every shipment until their satisfaction. So, Neither GIE nor the Carrier are responsible for delays due to the destination customs.

Ø  You must provide the correct and proper value of the goods and if undervalued then you might face the Indian Customs Penalty for the same.

Ø  Important Information provided in this email is for your clarification, you should not ignore it and if you do so then we are not responsible for the same

Shipping Services usually take delivery in Any place in the USA 30 to 40 Days Approx after loading in the shipping line. .

USA from Delhi Shipping Charges assure you that your parcel will be delivered within 30 to 40 days without facing any issues, such as documents verification. However, due to bad weather conditions your shipments may get delayed otherwise it will not. Besides these, we offer a few other facilities as well.Shipping Charges To USA From Delhi

  • Door To Door Delivery In USA
  • Your Home To Sea Port Delivery
  • Easy Documentation
  • 100 % Packaging Assistant
  • Online Shipping Tracking
  • Carry Anything to USA From Delhi
  • Overweight Baggage & Unaccompanied Baggage Delivery

What make us special for Shipping Services to USA From Delhi

Shipping Charges To USA From DelhiFree tag shipment
Storage service is free
Shipping Charges To USA From Delhi24/7 supporting
Package protection
Shipping Charges To USA From DelhiInsurance is free up to $250 each
Shipment protection
Flexible shipping options
Save time and money

Shipping Charges To USA From DelhiReal-time tracking

Excess Baggage, Unaccompanied Baggage/ Luggage Shipping Services to The USA From Delhi

We Send All type of Excess Baggage to include:

  • Unaccompanied Excess Baggage to USA
  • Luggage or Suitcase with excess weight.
  • Personal household shifting.
  • Kitchen Item, Garment, Toys, Books, garment, guitar, TV Freez, Sofa etc
  • Indian Food & Spices etc.
  • Send all types of personally used goods from Delhi to USA
  • Luggage Shipping/Excess Baggage Services

Tips to Send Excess Baggage, Luggage with GIEPL: 

    • First of all, get a quick quotation by email/call.
    • Secondly, we pack your excess baggage luggage at your doorstep.
    • Thirdly, we pickup from the doorstep.
    • You can pay by cash, bank transfer however by Online.
    • Although, you can track your excess baggage online to direct shipping line website.
    • Lastly, we delivered your excess baggage/luggage at your doorstep.

Excess Baggage/Luggage Courier Services

The cheapest charges are important when it comes to excess baggage/luggage courier, but reliability and speed are also a priority. For that reason, we offer express and economy services for all international destination approx transit time for Express 3-6 Business days, Economy 8-15 business days.

Offer lies door-to-door baggage collection and delivery as well as online tracking and email and SMS notifications for all your status. We also have a dedicated customer support team who are always on hand to help.

Benefits Of Excess Baggage / Luggage Shipping to The USA From Delhi

Huge baggage/luggage shipping services in Delhi offer sending to USA has a wide range of benefits to travelers, including:

Real-Time Tracking For Shipping To USA From Delhi

As soon as the barcode is scanned, all the information related to the shipping is stored in the tracking system. Such as, the time it left the shipping company for delivery, where it came from, where it is destined to, etc.  After leaving the shipping company at the consignee location, the shipped item reaches another country of the shipping company at the shipper location. It scans the barcode, and stores the parcel details in the tracking system. These includes information related to its received time. Out for Delivery at this location of the courier company, the received item is scanned again when it is ready to be sent out for delivery, Track your shipment online

24/7 security system for sending Excess Baggage Luggage to The USA From Delhi

Want the best shipping services to The USA From Delhi to full shipment insurance and security including fragile goods, high value shipping,  Agian insuring to provide the best services with full security of your goods for sending shipping to the USA. Further, at best and reasonable price with the best services in Delhi market. We offer up to 250 USD free insurance for all your excess baggage.

Up To 1 Months Free Storage for Shipping to The USA From Delhi

Warehousing refers to a storage system used for protecting the quantity and quality of the stored goods. However, there is a time interval between the production, and consumption of goods or in their delivery time. Hence, the need for storage arises. At this time warehouses help in keeping the goods safe and secure. We have free storage services for up to 1 Month*. Therefore, we understand your needs and requirements. Along with that we provide you with a fully comprehensive package with respect to storage / warehousing of your goods.

Important Features:

What’s more important is an extensive network of dedicated warehousing, and distribution operations. Besides that, the best-in-class processes and systems to ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions. Despite of that you can avail our warehousing services whenever you need. You can now continue all year round production, and store them till the arrival of demand. Our warehousing facility enables you to import or export without the burden of their security.

24/7 Supporting System For Shipping to USA

Yet, carrying excess baggage can be stressful, especially if you have to change flights or modes of transportation. With excess baggage/luggage courier services, you can travel light and stress-free.

Cost-effective: Excess baggage, fees charged by airlines can be exorbitant. In spit of heavy weight bags Luggage courier services, on the other hand, offer affordable rates and can help you save money on airline fees.

Secure: Luggage courier services in Delhi offer secure packaging and tracking options. Thereafter, ensuring that your belongings are safe and secure during transit.

Furthermore, any query please contact our support team : Click here to fill the Form

Personal Excess Baggage/Luggage Courier Mode By Air
  1. Firstly, list of each packing box with value.
  2. Secondly, each Item Invoice.
  3. Lastly, sender Aadhar & Pan Copy
Thorugh Air Excess Baggage Mode | Excess Baggage/ Luggage Cargo Mode
  1. Packing List & Invoice
  2. Job Offer Letter or any other relevant country document.
  3. Airlines Ticket
  4. Visa Copy
  5. Passport Copy
  6. Indian Address proof.
  7. Authority Letter
By Shipping Mode Excess Baggage / Luggage Documents
  1. Invoice
  2. Packing List Box Wise
  3. A job Offer Letter or any other relevant country document.
  4. Flight Ticket
  5. Copy Of Visa
  6. Copy of Passport
  7. Address proof of India.
  8. A Letter from Authority

Note: Additionally, before making booking send all documents soft copy by email and take approval.

Prohibited & Restricted Items List For Shipping to USA From Delhi

Strictly ProbhitedStrictly Probhited
Corpses or human ashesSpeakers
Fruits and vegetablesDNS
Pornography materialSkin Sample
Dry IceBlood Sample
Lottery ticketsPerfume
Food items that require refrigerationIgnite subrtance or combust are not allowed.
Dangerous goodsSeeds
Radioactive stuffPlant Cells
AntiquesElectric IEC mobile components
Designer clothingGovt Restricted Commodity
Expensive jewelleryMorethan 1 Battery
BullionDesktop PC
Bacteria or virus samplesAntique Art
Harmful chemicalsCredit Cards
Currency instrumentsOriginal Passport
Electronic CigarettesDrones
Lithium BatteriesLED / LCD
Samsung Galaxy Note 7/ I PhoneHoverboard
NeedlePrecious / Semi-Precious Jewellery
KnivesSpray Items


How can I ship my excess baggage to the USA from Delhi is one of the best & trusted international shipping companies in Delhi. Accordingly, we have a wide range of networks for shipping services to any place in the USA from Delhi. Certainly, at the lowest charges and best shipping services for sending your excess baggage to the USA.

Which is the cheapest shipping for sending cargo to the USA From Delhi?

Search for the and you will find us the most lowest & cheapest shipping company in Delhi market. Therefore, we provide most economical & cheapest shipping services from Delhi to the USA. Indeed, we have been tied up with best International shipping company Like SCi, Essar, VARUN, Great Eastern Shipping, Shreyas Shipping, Maersk Group, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai, Wan Hai Lines ,Sinokor & many top leading companies. Hence, they have their own network with great deals & cheapest shipping services for the USA From Delhi.

Can I ship anything from Delhi to the USA?

Delhi to USA shippment is now a easy task, however, you need to consider few things before making shippment booking:

  • Firstly, You just need to provide your all shipping information to our sales team like Weight ? Dimensions ?
  • Secondly, the commodity which you want to ship?
  • Thirdly, the destination port name?
  • Lastly, shipping date our shipping sales team will contact you on phone/email if we need to visit your location to check your stuff for correct charges.

The cost for shipping from Delhi to the USA?

  • First, Charges depend on shipment size and weight.
  • Second, delivery location but approx charges for Up To 300kgs Rs. 45000.00 INR Up to 500Kgs Rs. 65000.00 INR
  • Additionally, these charges is from your Delhi Door to USA Sea Port only.
  • Moreover, you can connect with us for more information about the charges request you to kindly contact our Shipping team by call & email.

Is shipping Medicine From Delhi to USA Available Online?

Since you want to parcel your medicine from Delhi to USA is now easily available online. However, you need to considering some points that are undeniably important:

  • First of  all, ship medicine from Delhi to USA with valid documents as per Indian customs rule basic paperwork required for shipping Medicine from Delhi to USA 1).
  • Second of all, invoice Declaration Copy, Dr. Perception, Medicine Purchase Bill & Sender aadhar copy.
  • Last but not least, there are some medicine is restricted to ship in the USA. However, before booking please check with our Sales team regarding this.

Look For The cheapest shipping to the USA by Air from Delhi!

Evidently, services required for shipping at the cheapest cost to the USA from Delhi By Air. However, we have services through DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, Yodel, FDL, Skynet, DTDC & Many branded. Indeed, it is trusted courier service provide by Air shipping to the USA From Delhi
Approximately Economy Charges By Air to the USA
First, Up to 1Kgs : 2199.00
Last, Up to 2Kgs : 2899.00
More Information contact our sales team or refer to the rate chart which is given on the main website. However, if you still need any help you just send Email/ Whatshapp & directly call our sales team.

Transit time from Delhi to USA Shipping Services?

As a result, to avail the wide range of services for shipping services from Delhi to USA all the time depends on the services choses by you

Approx estimated transit time.

Through Shipping : Concurrently, 45-65 Days after load in container.
Air Express : In this case, 3-6 Business Days after dispatch From Delhi.
Through Air Economy : For instance, 8-14 Business days after dispatch from Delhi.
Moreover, the above transit time for shipping to the USA From Delhi is just estimated time* Yet, we do not book any time guaranteed shipment.

Do You Provide Import Shipping From USA to Delhi

In Addition, yes we have the best & cheapest import services from the USA To Delhi by Air & Shipping. However, just send your query our sales team will contact and provide you the charges and process.

Sending University Application Documents to The USA From Delhi?

Additionally, we provide special discounted shipping charges for sending university application to the any place in USA. Moreover, with free pickup from any place in Delhi Sending University Application from Delhi to the USA 0.5Kg Rs. 1799.00

Easy Tips To Send Food Items By Courier To USA From Delhi:

Finally, you can send all type of personal food item Branded & Non Branded from Delhi to USA. Besides that, remeber  to check the USA FSA website before shipping food products to the USA. Nonetheless, it will help you in determining if the food you are considering to ship requires a USA Food Inspection Agency. Accordingly, look to import permit or import approval for customs

Procedure Included In Shipping Parcel to the USA From Delhi?

We Provide The Step-by-Step Guide When Shipping from India to USA

  1. First, choose your shipping courier.
  2. Next, check for shipping restrictions for Delhi to USA shipping.
  3. Furthermore, determine the size and weight of your package.
  4. Along with that we securely package your goods.
  5. Besides that, fill out any shipping documents for Delhi to USA shipping.
  6. Further, select shipping insurance.
  7. Finally, all our booking number, get charges & and schedule the shipment.